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Alberta International Medical Graduates Association (AIMGA)
Inspiring Minds & Creating Pathways 2018 AGM
November 24, 2018 @ Evergreen Community Spaces, 1709 8 Ave NE
Live Performances with Ingrid Díaz Céspedes


Expo Latino Calgary
August 18-20, 2017 @ Prince’s Island Park, 698 Eau Claire Ave SW
Live Performance on August 19 @ 6:30PM
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Ahmed F. Hodelin, Director of Locos for Havana Dance Studio, will be performing on Saturday, August 19th at Expo Latino at 6:30PM as part of the Salsa Show Case.

He’s going to share the stage for the first time with “Indhira Castillo” to deliver a piece of his new style he’s been working on, named “Salon” or “Mambo Salon” which is a speedier and spicier version of some of the traditional cuban moves from well known dance styles of the 50s.

This new fast Cuban style he’s created is a mix of foot patterns taken from two Rumba de Salon & Mambo. He’s added a faster foot pattern to this style for couples as both Mambo and Rumba have been danced separately or loosely side by side.

Don’t miss out on this new style as it may be something you wish to learn and add to your collection of dance styles!

Ahmed known as “El Bailarin” wants to push these popular Cuban dance styles to another level and hopes to inspire you through this dance performance.

An exploration of karma through dance, Backatcha uses many types of music and movement to illustrate the relationship between actions and reactions.
Backatcha Performance

“Notas de 4” Le di tanto, Calgary, AB
Jonathan Lewis in the violin, Jorge Villena in the guitar, Ahmed Hodelin percussions and Silvia Temis vocals.
“Le di tanto” lyrics by Ahmed Hodelin
Music and musical arrangements by Jorge Villena and Jonathan Lewis.

Magnetic Consequences
“Magnetic Consequences”, the latest creation from Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (DJD), presents an exhilarating collaboration featuring nine dancers, four jazz musicians, and the emotive vocals of guest singer Jackie Richardson.

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